Sherwood Kwame Reece aka Q

Q fell in love with exercise as a teenager. From the moment he stepped into the ring at Starrett City Boxing Club and learned the craft from the late, great Jimmy O’Pharrow, he became enthralled with boxing. Q later trained with former Olympian Reggie Ford and became a professionally licensed boxer.

In 2008, Q started teaching at Aerospace High Performance Center, NYC, under the mentorship of the legendary Michael Olajide Jr and developed his teaching style and technique.   From there, Q moved on to training at the world-renowned Gleason’s Gym in 2010, where he still works today, teaching small classes at the Brooklyn and Manhattan locations and personal training clients of all ages and skill levels. Q also works with clients at locations throughout New York City, including in private gyms, in the client’s home and at various parks and outdoor areas.  Q also partners with trainers who specialize in Muay Thai, MMA, and kickboxing.

Q is licensed by the New York State Athletic Commission as a boxing trainer, but his instruction style incorporates elements of plyometrics, HIIT, strength training, conditioning, and yoga.

“There’s no better workout than boxing,” says Q. “To be able to last in the ring, you have to be in top shape. So we incorporate boxing principles into each workout but we also customize based on your goals and personality, since what motivates one person might not work for someone else.”

Over the years, Q has trained celebrity clients including Liv Tyler, Q Tip, Omari Hardwick and Steve Stoute. He has trained a Golden Gloves champion and helped boxers from all over the world get in top shape, and frequently works with children and first-timers. He’s been featured as an expert on and has appeared in TV shows and movies including White Collar Brawlers, Law & Order and The Interpreter.